A leading figure In Precision Agriculture Jim Wilson is both a farmer and the Managing Director of SoilEssentials Ltd. He has been running the family farm at Hilton of Fern in Angus, Scotland since the early 80’s. A typical Scottish arable farm, it has hugely variable land, both in terms of soil type and topography. In 1996 he began collating data collected from a variety of sensors and input sources which helped quantify in-field spatial variability in both map and economic terms. This information, when demonstrated to local farmers was the starting point for a long journey into the world of Precision Agriculture. 

SoilEssentials was established in 2000 and are always ready to challenge themselves as agricultural innovators continuing to develop and deliver high quality, fit-for-purpose products and services in the field of precision farming.

Over the years he has been an invited speaker at many conferences and events including: ECPA Greece, Precision Farming Workshops and Conferences at Massey University NZ and University of Sydney, The American Society of Agronomy Congress in San Antonio, Texas and the Sino UK Workshop on Geospatial Technologies for Precision Agriculture held in Qingdao, China.

His passion for finding innovative, user-friendly, practical applications for precision agriculture technology is what drives him. Maintaining an active role in the farm is so important to allow Jim the ability to use and test first hand new developments.