Advanced development for long-term and extended life CGM systems

Andrew DeHennis, PhD
Director of Engineering, Research and Development
Senseonics, Incorporated

Andy has achieved degrees in both Physics and Electrical Engineering with focuses on Solid State Devices as well as Micro-Electo Mechanical Systems (MEMS). His PhD From the University of Michigan in 2004 focused on wireless sensors that spanned applications in biomedical as well as environmental monitoring systems.

He has spent his professional career working to make long term, implantable analyte sensing a reality in achieving the launch of the Eversense Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) system. His team’s current work focuses is on scale up and support of the Eversense system, continued R&D in system architecture and algorithm development, as well as clinical evaluation and regulatory strategy for next generation CGM systems.

Spanning his academic and professional career, he has over two dozen published papers and patents in the field of sensors, which span the technological building blocks as well as long term, in-vivo performance and characterization of the Eversense CGM System.