LUVITERA is a spin-off company founded by scientific members of the Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (Vilnius, Lithuania) and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (Ljubljana, Slovenia) in 2013.

Activity of the company is focused on development of innovative technologies for terahertz photonics, imaging and spectroscopy, both for scientific laboratories and industrial application.

Zimmer & Peacock

Zimmer&Peacock see that sensors are a critical part of some Social and Commercial Revolutions, including the Internet of Things (IoT), Sensor Web and the growth of the In-vitro Diagnostics Market (IVD).

At Zimmer&Peacock, we are partnering with academia and industry to ensure that there are enough suitable and commercially available sensors to meet the requirements of these new and growing markets.  As part of this Zimmer&Peacock provides a range of products and services including sensors, the necessary hardware, and customer specific Android and iOS applications, IP generation and scalable manufacturing.   Part of the remit at Zimmer&Peacock is to innovate around our collaborator's inventions and to help bring ideas to market.


PPS UK is the global R&D and EU Sales Centre for the PPS family of companies which also includes Pressure Profile Systems, Inc. (PPS), the world-leader in distributed pressure sensing technologies for OEM and instrumentation products. Specifically, PPS UK helps companies develop innovative products that harness the sense of touch for medical devices, robotics, ergonomic automotive applications, industrial and consumer electronics products.  PPS UK is the first ‘spin-in’ company at Strathclyde’s Technology and Innovation Centre, in which the University contributes resources and technical expertise to enable PPS to build a world-leading R&D team.


Novosound Ltd is an innovative ultrasound company specialising in the design and manufacture of a new generation of ultrasound probes and imaging systems. The Novosound probes are made from a printable thin film. They’re flexible, repeatable and can be made in high volumes. The unique technology is proprietary and patent protected allowing superior resolution at the quality of MRI and portability compared to existing ultrasound systems.

River Publishers

River Publishers, an academic publishing company incorporated in Denmark, and with offices in The Netherlands, US, Japan, UK and India, specializes in the publication of science & technology books and journals. All our books are peer-reviewed, and they are indexed in the Web of Science Book Citation Index. We welcome new book proposals on innovative and important research topics, please visit our booth during the IEEE Sensors 2017 to view our current portfolio in Sensors and Devices.