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Matthew Maynard is the Head of Advanced Manufacturing at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), where he has responsibility for the delivery of the technology and services for the UK advanced manufacturing industry as part of the UK Government funded National Measurement Strategy. He is also currently the Director of NPL Scotland which is one of NPL’s newest regional centres and is responsible for growing the joint research between Scottish Universities and NPL as well as developing products and services for Scotland across the 4 NPL sectors (Advanced Manufacturing, Digital, Energy & Environment and Life Sciences). Prior to taking up his role at NPL he was the Director of the Rolls-Royce@NTU Corporate Lab, a major research undertaking between Rolls-Royce and Nanyang Technological University (NTU), where he is currently a Visiting Professor. Before joining Rolls-Royce he was Head of Power Systems within the Airbus group research division driving the development of technologies for power systems for Airbus products.



Hugh is VP of R&D Upper Limb Prosthetics at Touch Bionics, Ossur. Hugh's most prominent contribution has been in developing the partial and full hand multi articulating prosthetics products for Touch Bionics of Livingston. This has revolutionised the capability of those who lose a hand. The engineering behind this is now at the front end of high technology - encompassing robotics, wireless communication, i-phone apps, advanced myoelectric sensors that pick up microvolt signals from muscles beneath the skin, and the covering, or cosmesis, for durability, appearance and elasticity, a major material advance. Over 4000 patients have been fitted with i-limb hands and over 500 partial hand patients. Hugh has led the technological developments creating a major impact on many patients throughout the world.

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Douglas is the founder of Optos Plc. When Douglas Anderson's five-year old son suffered a detached retina, and lost his sight in one eye, Douglas decided to try to develop a better device for detecting early stage eye problems. After many years of development, working with colleagues, he succeeded in designing and patenting a scanning laser ophthalmoscope that enabled eye care practitioners to capture a digital ultra-wide-field image of the retina in a single scan. Such has been the effectiveness of the device that it has created a paradigm shift in clinical thinking, enabling not just better and earlier diagnosis but rapidly increasing the understanding of how diseases develop such as to provide the basis for innovative new treatments.

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James Goodfellow is one the inventor of automated teller - what we now call the automated telling machine (ATM), which is spread throughout the world and has been a transformative technology with an estimated 3 million machines. It has become an essential part of modern life. The ATM is listed in National Geographic's 2015 publication "100 events that changed the world", but wrongly naming another Scot, John Shepherd-Barron, whose claim in 2005 had been widely publicised but had prompted James Goodfellow to make his prior patents known, after which he was recognised with his OBE. James Goodfellow is now generally accepted as being the inventor of the ATM. More recently, his 2000 patent for an LCD pad, A4 or Paperback size, wirelessly connected to a home PC, acting as dumb terminal, providing touch sensitive input and LCD display output remotely sounds very familiar.

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Dr. Pete Loftus

Pete is Head of Measurement Engineering in Rolls-Royce plc. He has spent 37 years with the company working in the measurement field. With a first degree in Physics and a Masters in Gas Turbine Engineering he has focussed on the application of measurement capability in high integrity product design, production, and through life support looking to exploit a core technology base and skill set in a very wide variety of contexts from characterising material properties to on-wing inspection and machinery control and diagnostics.  His early work was in testing where he holds some patents on innovative test measurement techniques but he rapidly moved into the challenges of managing engineers and engineering. He is President of the European Institute for Gas Turbine Instrumentation, Vice Chair of the ASME Turbo Expo Controls, Diagnostics and Instrumentation Committee, and The NCSL International European Region Deputy. In his spare time he is a Group Scout Leader and Engineering Ambassador.